Join us for a field trip to Warbler Road in southwestern Virginia.

  • Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 11-12, 2018.
  • Leaders: David Anderson, Vern Bothwell, Norm Budnitz
  • Cost: A donation of $25 to New Hope Audubon Society. Participants are
    responsible for their own room, board, and transportation.
  • Limit: 20 people in 2 groups. We want to keep the groups small because the roads are narrow with limited pull-outs for parking. One group will start at high elevation and work down; the other will work the roads in the opposite direction. Contact David Anderson at to reserve a spot.
  • Itinerary and suggested lodging: We are doing a first-time scouting trip to Warbler Road, an area in nearby southwestern Virginia where many warblers both breed and pass through in migration. This can be a great place to see Cerulean, Canada, and Worm-eating Warblers. We leave Friday afternoon May 11 for Bedford, Virginia, have dinner, and stay the night. Up early Saturday, May 12 to bird most of the day, and then head home in the afternoon.

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