NHAS’s Chimney Swift House at Sandy Creek Park

For over 100 years, the National Audubon Society has been a tireless voice for environmental conservation and stewardship. As the local chapter for Chatham, Durham, and Orange Counties, New Hope Audubon focuses on issues affecting the Triangle region of North Carolina. Whether advocating for environmental causes at the local level, or directly improving habitat for birds and other wildlife, New Hope Audubon aims to be a strong conservation leader in our community.

The North Carolina piedmont is a region rich in biodiversity. Dense forests yield to scenic rivers and creeks, rolling farm fields, and expanding human landscapes. These varied habitats support a broad range of flora and fauna. Well over 200 species of birds can be encountered here, along with mammals, reptiles, butterflies, and other “critters.” Despite rapid economic growth, much of the Triangle is still visibly wild.

Our greatest resource also presents us with our greatest challenge. The beauty of our area means more people want to live here, and future development will have a major impact on local ecosystems. The conservation committee is open to all members and encourages enthusiasm and new ideas. Please help us protect our most vulnerable wild places.

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