Learning Centers

Chimney Swift Learning Center
Chimney Swift Learning Center

Members of the Education Committee are actively involved in developing Learning Centers about birds and birdwatching. The Learning Centers are standalone tabletop exhibits about different aspects of birds and birdwatching. Each Learning Center has an interactive component to engage young birders in learning about birds.

Current Learning Centers include:

  • Flight and Migration
  • Bird Song and Communication
  • Feathers
  • Bird Nests
  • What and How Birds Eat
  • and our NC Audubon Bird of the Year, Chimney Swift

Additional learning centers will be developed as our educational program for youth expands. Our Audubon chapter was recently granted a US Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit and a NC Endangered Species Permit to collect and display permissible bird feathers, nests and eggs. Collected materials are being labeled and displayed in traveling display cases for use at educational events.

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