Education Toolboxes

New Hope Bird Alliance believes one way to change the world is to start early with students. We are working to engage and educate students about the benefits of nature-based strategies that help communities adapt to climate change threats. Providing Education Toolboxes and Home School resources are a new practice for New Hope Bird Alliance. We have created, developed, or pulled from existing resources from other environmental advocates to bring these toolboxes to life.

The educational toolboxes for teachers are designed to provide STEM coursework for students. The toolboxes are designed by science curriculum specialists with grade appropriate information set by NC Science Standards.

Leave Your Leaves

Toolbox modules have been developed for specific grades to be used in classrooms. Each toolbox comes with a lesson plan and activities for the students to learn about the role of the ground layer in a healthy ecosystem. “Leave Your Leaves” provides grade specific information about the forces at work behind the twin crises of climate change and loss of biodiversity and how the benefits of leaving your leaves—more beneficial insects, less stormwater runoff, healthier trees, less air pollution, etc.—can help ameliorate these crises.

Leave Your Leaves Elementary Toolboxes

Leave Your Leaves Middle School Toolboxes

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Leave Your Leaves High School Toolboxes

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